Some Emerging Ideas On Deciding On Important Aspects Of Live Betting

Sep 09, 2018

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Finding Advice On Convenient Strategies

Younger players making mark on live-bankroll contests

“One of the first tournaments I played in was the Santa Anita online Showvivor tourney,” he said. “The goal was to pick one horse to show each day and the longest person to ‘showvive’ won.” He outlasted approximately 3,000 people over 22 days and took home $3,000. “If I wasn’t already hooked playing tournaments by then, that result pretty much cinched it,” he said. He’s been playing in tournaments beside his dad and Uncle since he turned 21 and was able to compete. Sometimes they’ll pool money and take one entry in a larger event, other times they’ll play separately and share profits. When they do the latter, they’ll still combine efforts on the handicapping side, but their betting decisions are made individually, well within the lines of even the strictest anti-collusion rules. Hoffman credits his dad and uncle for how quickly he’s been able to get up to speed in live-bank games. “There have been so many lessons learned, but the biggest one is that you can’t be afraid to bet because otherwise you have no shot to compete in these tournaments,” he said. “On a normal day at the track, I am a significantly smaller bettor than 98 percent of live-bankroll players. If I lose more than a $100 in a day, it was a rough day. Mentally to get over the hurdle of adding a “0” to whatever the tournament bet is going to be is still a work in progress, because it is just not my nature as a bettor.” Aside from the mental hurdle of being able to bet above his usual comfort zone, he doesn’t see his youth as a disadvantage.

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